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Cream and strawberry cake 

Cream strawberries are the perfect dessert for a romantic evening. The combination of these flavors is considered classic and is used in many desserts. Description of the preparation: Beautiful, bright and incredibly delicious pastries will gather all the sweet tooth around. You definitely have to…



A delicious Caucasian dish, as is customary in Kabardino-Balkaria. These are cakes made from thin dough with cottage cheese, salt cheese or meat filling with vegetables. Description of the preparation: I suggest cooking Balkar hitchines filled with potatoes, cheese and herbs. They are quite simply…



Ptim – Israeli couscous. There are many recipes for the preparation. I have chicken and vegetables. Do you like cooking of different nationalities? Come and see the recipe! Description of the preparation: Experiment! You can add grated carrots to the onion and replace the chicken…