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Category: Kitchen


Cream and strawberry cake 

Cream strawberries are the perfect dessert for a romantic evening. The combination of these flavors is considered classic and is used in many desserts. Description of the preparation: Beautiful, bright and incredibly delicious pastries will gather all the sweet tooth around. You definitely have to…



A delicious Caucasian dish, as is customary in Kabardino-Balkaria. These are cakes made from thin dough with cottage cheese, salt cheese or meat filling with vegetables. Description of the preparation: I suggest cooking Balkar hitchines filled with potatoes, cheese and herbs. They are quite simply…


vanilla extract 

I suggest making a vanilla extract with my own hands. So you can be sure that the extract is 100% natural, with no additives and dyes, artificial flavors. See the recipe! Description of the preparation: According to this recipe, vanilla pods can add 1 or…


Corel salad 

I found the recipe for cooking the Corel salad on the internet a few years ago and fell in love with it after the first preparation. Today I will share the recipe and I'm sure you will like it too! Description of the preparation: I…



Ptim – Israeli couscous. There are many recipes for the preparation. I have chicken and vegetables. Do you like cooking of different nationalities? Come and see the recipe! Description of the preparation: Experiment! You can add grated carrots to the onion and replace the chicken…


fish sausage 

It sounds unusual, but I will try to dispel doubts about my recipe, because it is known that "the best fish is sausage", if this sausage is made from fish. Description of the preparation: The recipe for making sausages is very simple: you have to…


Salad with pancakes and smoked sausage 

Salad with pancakes and smoked sausage is very unusual. The spiciness of the already original taste gives garlic, with the help of which the salad is unsurpassed delicious. Description of the preparation: To vary the taste of the salad, you can add chopped boiled eggs,…


Skewered milk pig 

For the festive table I want to cook something original and delicious. In this case, it is worth knowing how to cook a milk pig on a spit. Description of the preparation: Milk pig will be a worthy decoration of the festive table. Of course,…


Honey cake with a cake 

Honey cake with a cake is called lazy. So instead of six cakes for the honey cake one is gloriously baked and then cut into several thin ones. This saves time and tastes alike. Description of the preparation: Honey cake with a cake is a…


Heart chicken ham 

You like ham, but you want him to be healthy? Then this option is just right for you. It is very tasty. Help yourself! Description of the preparation: The ham is not only delicious, but also beautiful. The contrast between the breast and the heart…